I bought a mood ring. It died of exhaustion 

Why do they call them Memorial Hospitals? That's not encouraging. 

I listen to NPR because I like to consider all things.

I joined curves.

I thought I'd get some. 

My therapist said I should listen to my inner voice. I said, "I was hoping you could shut her up." 

You weren't abducted by aliens. You were returned. 


Wonderfully Weird 

—  Howie Mandell

She Is Fierce!

—  Roseanne Barr

So Much Fun To Watch

—  Keenan Ivory Wayans

Dana Delivered! Shedding

light on mental health issues

- Jacqueline Moreno,

Programming, University of CA, Riverside

Dana tore up the audience making

LA Supports LA a memorable event​

- Cynthia Kulikov, LA Supports LA 


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